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Hire a marketing MBA who will execute your vision.

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Marketing means more than just pretty pictures

It can be the catalyst for change- the essential spur of action on emotion.

That's what I love. My revelation:  I've learned that striking the right balance between understanding your audience, leading your team, and creating the story, all while seamlessly communicating the brand's message, (Phew!) can be quite a dirty job.

Eat your heart out, Mike Rowe. Look below for more.

Understanding your audience is half the battle.

Google Analytics! SEO! UX Design! UI Design! Keyword Strategy! Social Engagement! Meta! No, TikTok! 

Everywhere you look, there's a new platform, a new funnel of energy, time, and money. With no one-stop solution, it's up to the brand to get in touch with it's buyers and meet their needs first. Starting the conversation is the only way to a sale.

Hide and Seek
Colleagues in Hallway

Team leadership starts from within.

Vision, you fickle friend. If you're not sure what the vision is, no one is. If Jane in accounting doesn't know what your company does best, we've got some work to do.

The sale comes from the story. 

Go ahead. Tell a group of people a terrible story- one with no point, a ton of turns, and lots of bragging. Think they'll be down for round two? Yeah, me neither.


Great stories create connections, connections create trust, and trust begets loyalty. So much more than just a logo.

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